Mrs and Mr Eugene Allan Jongsma who did The Little Tibet Tour

Dear Sachin,
We want to thank you and all of your colleagues at Escapade for providing us with a wonderful travel experience.  Since this was our first trip to India, we decided to take the “Mystic of India” tour which gives a taste of many different parts of the subcontinent.  We are so glad we did.  We would recommend this itinerary highly for any visitors who had two weeks to travel and wanted to get a good overview of India.

The itinerary you arranged gave us an excellent introduction to the geographic and cultural diversity within India.  It also offered a wonderful balance between fast-paced urban touring and calmer rural exploration.  For example, after sampling the sights of busy Delhi, the peace and calm of Darjeeling in the Himalayan foothills was a welcome change.  Likewise, our city tour of the hustle and bustle of Mumbai was followed by the solitude of Lake Periyar and a relaxing rice boat cruise on the backwaters of Kerala.  We felt especially fortunate to spend the last two days of our tour visiting the Taj in Agra and viewing the Republic Day parade in Delhi.
The personal service you offered us was superior.  Your willingness to customize the itinerary to meet our preferences, your monitoring of the trip to make sure everything was going as planned, and the final debriefing you offered at the conclusion of the trip went well beyond the services of the average tour company.

We look forward to returning to India again some day.  When we do, we will certainly use your services.  In the meantime, we wish you well.  May Escapade continue to grow and prosper.
Gene & Kathy (

Mrs and Mr Eugene Allan Jongsma