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6 Days Enter the Dragon

Destinations : Thimphu - Punakha - Paro

Bhutan is a land replete with myths and legends. This country of rolling hills and towering crags certainly exudes charm. The mountains are magnificent, the forest are dense, the people are delightful, the air is pure, the architecture inspiring, the religion exciting and the art superb. Like timeless images from the past.

7 Days Bhutan Drive in Fly out

Destinations : phuntseling - Thimphu - Punakha - Paro

Nowhere in the Himalayas is the natural heritage more varied and rich than in Bhutan. In historical records, Kingdom was called the ;the valley of medicinal herbs a name that still applies to this day. Botanists will find it a dreamland of flower and plants species with a large variety of wild orchids and flowers.

10 Days Valleys Of Bhutan

Destinations : Paro - Thimphu - Punakha

Visiting this beautiful Himalayan kingdom that is emerging out of its self imposed isolation is a nature and culture lovers dream come true. There are the imposing white Dzongs (fortresses used for administrative and religious purposes) that cling to the mountainside, emerald rivers that tumble down the valley, clouds that drift over an isolated hamlet surrounded by luxuriant forests and snow peaks that stand as silent sentinels in the distance. wherever you go, traditions and architecture that date back to centuries and the serenity and peace that prevails.</span></p>

12 Days Overland Jeep Safari To Bhutan (Intensive)

Destinations : Delhi - Bagdogra - Darjeeling - Gangtok - Thimphu - Punakha - Paro

Overland Jeep Safari will take you into Indian north Eastern cities of Darjeeling & Gangtok and then on to Thimphu, Punakha & Paro in Bhutan. This tour covers some of the most amazing drives in eastern Himalaya and also into Bhutan...

14 Days Paro to Samdrup Jongkhar Mountain Biking

Destinations : Delhi - Paro - Thimphu - Jakar - Samdrup Jongkhar - Paro

Paro Samdrup Jongkhar Mountain Biking expedition is an amazing journey through Bhutan on bike. A physically demanding tour is also one of the best to see interiors of Bhutan and get an insight into the life of people of Bhutan...

14 Days Central Bhutan Jeep Safari

Destinations : Delhi

Central Bhutan Jeep Safari


Destinations : Delhi - Bhutan

Bhumthang Trek

19 Days Eastern Bhutan Jeep Safari (Intensive)

Destinations : Delhi - Bhutan

Eastern Bhutan Jeep Safari (Intensive)

21 Days The Thunder Dragon Expedition

Destinations : Delhi - Thimphu - Paro - Punakha - Samdrup Jongkhar

The Thunder Dragon Expedition takes you into the deep interiors of Bhutan. A great insight into the life in land also called the last shangrila by many is an amazing journey. This is one the best tours to experience the beauty of Bhutan at its pristine best...