Ladakh and Zanskar

Ladakh and Zanskar

8 Days Ladakh Sojourn Tour

Destinations : Delhi - Leh - Khardungla Pass - Alchi

Ladakh Sojourn Tour is an insight into the life of Ladakh and its people. Also known as mini Tibet, Ladakh is one of the most visited & scenic region on the tourist map of Indian Himalaya. This is also called moonland, last Shangri la and Land of High passes in various descriptions.

8 Days Nubra Valley Camel Safari Package

Destinations : Delhi - Leh

Nubra Valley Camel Safari Package

9 Days Moonland Ladakh Tour

Destinations : Delhi - Leh - ladakh - Alchi - Lamayuru - Khardungla Pass

Moonland Ladakh Tour gives you a glimpse of Ladakh and its people. An Insight into the life and beauty of Ladakhi people along with the drives over highest motorable road and amazing scenery are highlights of this tour...

9 Days The Aryan Village

Destinations : Delhi - Leh

The Aryan Village tour is unique as it takes you to the villages of Dah & Hanu in ladakh famous for their inhabitants belonging to original Aryan race. Tall men & women with Longn nose and features of ancient Aryans have been able to preserve their heritage and are very popular amongst tourist from all over the world...

10 Days Majestic Ladakh Tour

Destinations : Delhi - Leh - Khardungla Pass - Alchi - Nubra - Lamayuru

Majestic Ladakh Tour is an insight into the life and culture of Ladakh and its people. 1000 year Monastery at Lamayuru, Highest motorable pass at Khardungla and some of the best scenic beauty in Nubra Valley makes it once in a life time journey...

10 Days Manali to Leh Jeep Safari

Destinations : Delhi - Manali - Sarchu - Leh - ladakh

Manali to Leh Jeep Safari is one of the ten toughest drives in the world. One crosses over highest motorable passes and experiences the culture of ladakh at its best. This journey is a photographer's delight...

11 Days Lamayuru to Stok Trek

Destinations : Delhi - Leh - Lamayuru - ladakh

Lamayuru to stoke trek is fairly tough one, traversing varied scenery and passing through small villages. The trail passes through Wanla pass, Pritinkla (3800 m) and then in to Hinju valley, again over Konzkela (4950 mts), into chilling over Dundunchen la (4800 m) and then to craftsmen village famous for it Ladakhi handicrafts...

11 Days Trek Lamayuru to Alchi Trek

Destinations : Delhi - Leh

A short but challenging trek for those who have less time but would like to do a trek in the region. Starting from Lamayuru village where we visit the famous bone monastery it crosses the famous Tar La at 5250 altitude before reaching the most beautiful village of Mangyu before ending in Alchi village...

12 Days Jeep Safari From Manali To Srinagar Via Leh

Destinations : Delhi - Manali - Leh - Srinagar

Jeep Safari From Manali To Leh and then on to Srinagar is a great journey with crossings over top three motorable passes in the world and an average altitude of more than 11000 ft for almost all the days. It is also counted amongst the most trecherous driving journeys in the world...

12 Days Nubra Valley Safari

Destinations : Delhi - Leh - Nubra

Nubra Valley Safari is an insight into the beautifull world of ladakh. Camel Safari in Nubra, highest motorable road at Khardungla pass, Old Monasteries of Ladakh are all highlights of this tour... 

13 Days Mountain Biking (Cycling) To Nubra Valley

Destinations : Delhi - Leh - Nubra - Khardungla Pass

Mountain Biking to Nubra Valley from Leh is one of the best test of endurance for bikers when they cross over Khardungla Pass, the highest motorable road in the world. 

13 Days Nubra Valley Camel Safari Special Tour

Destinations : Delhi - Leh - Nubra - ladakh

Nubra Valley Camel Safari Special Tour will take you around Ladakh in a very leisurely way without compromising on the experience. Camel Safari on the sand dunes of Nubra, visits to old Monasteries and Drive over Khardungla pass are the highlights of this tour...

14 Days Leh To Manali Mountain Biking (Cycling)

Destinations : Delhi - Leh - ladakh - Manali

Leh to  Manali Mountain Biking (Cycling) expedition is a once in life time experience and one of the most scenic rides in the world. A physically challenging high Himalayan experience while riding over the highest motorable passes in the world and reaching the heights of over 5000 mts many times makes this biking expediting one of the best riding experience in the world.

14 Days Markha Valley Trek

Destinations : Delhi - Leh - ladakh - Markha

Markha Valley trek is one of the most famous and visited treks in ladakh. A great experience of Ladakhi culture, High altitude passes and some of the most scenic high Himalayan views are the highlights of this trek...

14 Days Rumtse To Korzok Trek

Destinations : Delhi - Leh - ladakh

This is one of the most interesting and less travelled trek in Ladakh. Nomads of Ladakh, High Altitude wild life and the high altitude Lake tsomoiriri are the key attractions of this trek. This trek is moderate in grade and the highest altitude is reached at 5200 M...

15 Days Hemis To Tak Via Rupshu

Destinations : Delhi - ladakh - Leh

Rupshu Valley trek is one of the classic trek in Ladakh which starts from the lower region of Hemis and Sham valley and ends up in the nomadic region and last frontier of Indian border. One passes through the base camp of famous Kangyatse peak 6400 mts and at Morang la pass 5300 mtr is the highest altitude just before the trek finishes...

19 Days Hemis To Zangla By Junglam

Destinations : Delhi - Leh

This trek is one of the most famous trek route between Ladakh & Zanskar since ancient times. Zanskar has the distinction of being the least interfered with microcosms of Ladakh, and thus one of the last surviving cultural satellites of Tibet...


19 Days Sakti Nubra Phyang Trek

Destinations : Delhi - Leh - Nubra

This trek route takes you into Nubra Valley which actually means the garden in Native Language. Bactrian camels, Sand dunes, fruit orchards and crossing over one of the highest village in the world are highlights on this trek...

20 Days Padum-Lamamayuru Over Singila

Destinations : Delhi - Leh - Lamayuru

Padum-Lamamayuru trek goes over Singila pass and crosses over from Zanskar region of Ladakh into Indus Valley at Lamayuru. A long trek and strenous as well, this tour is very nice insight into the life of Ladakh and Zanskar...

21 Days Rumtse To Kibber Trek

Destinations : Delhi - Leh - Kibber - Manali

Also Known as Parangla trek, it crosses over from Ladakh into tribal region of Spiti in Himachal Pradesh. On the way one gets stay by the side of Lake Tsomoriri. Being a long trek it needs proper planning and high fitness levels for trekkers...

21 Days Rupshu to the Changtang Plains

Destinations : Delhi - Leh

Changthang is a very less visited area of ladakh, famous for Nomads & High Altitude wildlife. This trek takes you to some of the most beautifull spots including Tsomorir Lake and Valleys Beyond Hemis Monastery...

22 Days Hemis To Tso Moriri Via Rupshu

Destinations : Delhi - Leh - Leh

Hemis to Tsomorir Lake trek is one of the toughest treks in Ladakh region with crossings of over 5000 mtrs passes 6 times in 16 days. Its a long trek and stays above 4000 mtrs all the time on trek before coming down at Tsomoriri Lake. Passes crossed are Kong Maru La, Zalung karpo la, Yar la, Marang La, Lanyar la & Nyalungnyugu La...

23 Days Stok Kangri Expedition

Destinations : Delhi - Leh

Stok Kangri Expedition is one of the most popular amongst beginers in Climbing. It is one of the easy peaks to climb over 6000 mtr. The climb to stok Kangri can be combined with various trek routes to get acclimatize before attempting the summit... 

23 Days Lamayuru to Darcha Trek

Destinations : Delhi - ladakh - Leh

Lamayuru to Darcha trek is the longest trek traversing regions in two states. High passes, Various small and big streams and a few river crossings make this trek trecherous as well as very enjoyable of hard core trekkers. Because of its length & large size of trekking support team it gives the experience of almost a climbing expedition specially while camping...